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Learning 3D Modeling in Blender

blender 3D

There have been many cases where I’ve thought about starting a personal project and then realized how cool it would be to include 3D models in it in some form. However, the process of actually learning how to make the models myself was quite daunting as many hours would have to be put into it.

I tried to learn modeling a few times before and even bought the awesome Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners course from Udemy. However, few hours in, I didn’t find the motivation to continue and the course was left to gather dust in my course library.

But now, I have gathered the strength and gone through that entire course! And not only that course, but also the Blender Character Creator for Video Games Design course. It has been awesome to find out that making something to be proud of can be achived after such moderate amount of time spent learning how its done.

So without further ado, here is what I have come up with, in the order that I made them.

The Lighthouse #

Low poly scene with a lighthouse on a rocky island
After a few hours in the course, I was able to cobble together this low poly scene.

The Cabin #

Low poly scene of a cabin in the woods
Excited by the results I could already achieve with these blocky models, I went off script and made me a cozy cabin.

The Dungeon #

Low poly dungeon built from modular models
Next up in the course, I made this low poly dungeon. The section was there to teach how one can make modular models to nicely set up scenes.

Spitfire #

Then I learned how to do UV mapping, use image textures, utilize reference images and do simple animations. It was a very eventful section!

TV Head #

Animations! And rigging! Here is an interesting looking TV head humanoid thing walking.

TV head humanoid walking

A Demon #

This piece I really like. You can really feel the progress even though I had only been doing modeling casually for around two weeks. This also concluded the beginner course.

A demon’s head

Dance! #

This is the end result of the character creator course. There is less to showcase as the entire course focused on creating this one character. In the course I learned a lot more about how you handle textures and make the models compatible with game engines. However, I went quite a bit off script with it. In the course, you are supposed to create an walking ogre. I came up with this, whatever you want to call it.

The Girlfriend #

We discussed with my girlfriend that I should try and make a 3D model with her resemblance. It was nice to try and make my own model without the guide of the course. In the end, it does not really look like her, but it’s okay, I think.

The end result of attempting to model my girlfriend

And that is it so far. Let’s see what I’ll create in the future. Thanks for reading!